echo (feat. SF1)



“I’m an open book but I don’t let everyone read the chapters.”

emmanuelle, Age 19


Born in New York City and currently residing in South Florida, multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter emmanuelle sasson asked her father if she could take guitar lessons when she was just 6. When he said yes, emmanuelle practiced for hours upon hours until “I had to dip my fingers in ice water because they burned so much.”


emmanuelle was seven when she started singing and became a young songwriter by the age of fourteen. That same year, she was diagnosed with severe Scoliosis followed by a back surgery. The emotional and physical change brought down her mental state. Her escape was listening to music by some of her favorites artists; a memorable time when she started to further develop her musical taste.

True to her adventurous form, emmanuelle went on to teach herself how to play piano, drums, bass, and ukulele.


At 14, emmanuelle began taking voice lessons to hone her unique vocals while continuing to feed her YouTube channel with song covers in the solitude of her bedroom. Her original material seemed entirely created from her backpack while attending high school, some while being hospitalized due to back surgery. That track-list represented everything she had experienced over those painful years.


As for her songwriting, emmanuelle turns every day challenges and pain into her inspiration. “Every time something not-so-great happens in life, I just think to myself, ‘It’s okay, I’ll write a song about it.’ Songwriting is my therapy. It helps me release any emotions I don’t know how to express just by speaking. That’s why my songs are so dark. It’s the side of myself that I don’t often show to other people. I'm an open book, but I don’t let everyone read the chapters.”


It's that raw emotional connection that sets emmanuelle apart from her contemporaries. Her lyrics are brave, warm and truthful and, above all, honest, and she’s not afraid to address complicated feelings. “Feelings aren't weaknesses, they're strengths. Whether it’s happy or sad, I want to open a whole new world so I can show people that it’s okay not to be okay.”


emmanuelle recently graduated high school and released her debut album smoke&mirrors on April 19th, 2019. The tracks on that album accumulated over 50,000 streams on Spotify.
That EP started emmanuelle on a journey that took her across the country, opening for artists such as Stephen Kellogg and Tyrone Wells. emmanuelle’s live shows have made her a household name in Florida, which culminated in her 6-song performance at the NBA Halftime Show at the American Airlines Arena in Miami with the Miami Heat. emmanuelle is now prepping her second album of original music for a release this year. “away from me” is the first taste of that album and it showcases her unique and intimate style.
“This song, in a way, feels like the first song I ever wrote,” says emmanuelle. “Yes, it is self-deprecation at its finest and it’s the diary of a pessimist. It's painfully confessional but it also led me in the right direction, sonically. It's definitely my favorite song of the ones I’ve written thus far.”


Having drawn comparisons to everyone from Florence + the Machine to Billie Eilish and Halsey, emmanuelle cuts her own groove with her latest release, and her first collaboration, "echo (feat. SF1)".





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